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Frequently Asked Questions

Which mat should I choose?

“What is the most comfortable mat for standing behind a packing bench?”

Both CentryMat and BoostMat have excellent anti-fatigue properties and will provide exceptional comfort for persons who stand for long periods of time.


“What mat should I use for large wide areas?”

If you need to cover large areas temporarily or permanently, both CheckMat and CheckMat Grid are designed specifically for this application. CheckMat Grid is for use where there is likely to be spillages or particles that could create a slippery surface.


“What is the best mat for using where there is likely to be large amounts of oil or chemical spillage?”

DiaMat has the highest profile at 20mm with an aggressive grip surface ensuring any major spillages are safely kept below the walking surface for the safety of your workforce. If this profile is too high, then LinearMat is still an excellent choice with a profile height of 15mm.


“Is there a mat which is ok for use where there is regular welding taking place?”

SparkMat is perfect for this application. It incorporates a heat resistant rubber wear layer moulded to a soft foam base which provides excellent anti-fatigue properties.


“Do you provide a mat which has electrostatic dissipative properties?”

CentryMat is specifically designed with this in mind. Along with this property, its high molecular density foam provides a very effective bounce ability for use when fragile items may be dropped. This foam also provides proven anti-fatigue abilities to provide real comfort for your workforce.


“When should I replace existing mats?”

Old anti-fatigue mats tend to ‘deaden’ which means they no longer provide the comfort that they we originally purchased for, and for some this is only a year or two of regular use. Other mats may become a trip hazard if the edges start to curl up. It’s very important to keep an eye on your mats to ensure they don’t create more trouble than they’re worth.


“Is there a variety of colours available?”

In the slip resistant ranges, LinearMat, LiteMat and WheelMat all come in a variety of colours, and CentryMat and CentryMat HD in the anti-fatigue range are available in both grey and blue as standard.


“Are your mats made from 100% recycled material?”

Some of our mats are manufactured from 100% recycled material and are available in black only. These include LinearMat, PneuMat, DiaMat, CheckMat and CheckMat Grid.


“What is the best mat to use in a restaurant or bar area where glasses or bottles may be dropped?”

This is where our mats can pay for themselves over and over again, when they save items from being broken when dropped. PneuMat and CentryMat are the best mats for these situations.


“What is the thinnest profile mat available?”

PneuMat at 10mm and LiteMat at 6mm high are the thinnest mats available.


“What mat should I use where small components are likely to fall onto the floor?”

DiaMat has bars which are set close together so is ideal in situations where small components could fall on the floor and get lost easily.


“Which mat is best for use in areas where hygiene is paramount?”

As the name suggests, HygieneMat is the perfect mat for industrial kitchens and other areas where hygiene is paramount.


“I just need a regular slip resistant mat – which should I choose?”

LinearMat is a really good all-rounder for everyday use.


“I want a standard anti-fatigue mat for everyday use – which should I choose?”

TraffiMat is a good al-rounder mat for this, but it’s worth considering exactly what you want from your mat as there may well be other products better suited to your needs.



“How long is delivery of my mats likely to take?”

This depends on stock availability. Items in stock are usually delivered within 3-5 days and anything which requires special manufacturing will take anything up to 3 weeks depending on type of product and quantity etc. please email info@lanmat.co.uk to check availability.


“How are your mats packaged?”

The rolls are individually boxed and palletised and the individual small mats are packed in cardboard tubes.


“Do you deliver to Ireland and Scotland?”

Yes we can deliver anywhere across the UK. Please email info@lanmat.co.uk for details.


“Do you deliver to Europe?”

Yes we can deliver anywhere in Europe. Please email info@lanmat.co.uk for delivery times and pricing


“How much does delivery cost?”

This depends very much on the quantity and weight of the order. Most delivery costs are shown in the shopping cart pages for delivery of one or two mats, and generally the pricing is pro-rata for any larger quantity. For large orders please email info@lanmat.co.uk for further information.

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