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Safety Knives

Lanmat offers a range of disposable box cutters and safety knives that are made from only two components, the safety blade and its moulded enclosure. This is a high form of knife safety, that virtually eliminates the accidental risk of an injury from a safety blade.

The Dispo safety knife innovative designs make this range the perfect choice for retail and distribution. That requires a safety knife for tape cutting, cutting cardboard and opening boxes.

Hook knives provide the safest type of protection for people and produce with their fully enclosed blade. It virtually eliminates the chance of the user coming into contact with the blade by accident and therefore can play a significant part in reducing workplace injuries. Ideally suited to the removing of packaging materials, you’ll find a safety hook knife to suit your workplace here.

The metal detecting knife range has been designed to offer the best forms of protection, whilst also being easily detectable by all prevention systems.

AutoSafe Pro is a heavy-duty utility knife version of the popular AutoSafe, that is built for tougher environments. The Pro Food Safe is a metal detectable safety knife, that makes it perfect for low-risk areas such as goods in or out. Also for higher risk areas we recommend using the disposable Dispo Lite safety knife, that also comes with a tape cutter feature.

Our utility knife range is ideal for applications where an enclosed safety knife blade is not suitable. They are particularly useful when regularly cutting cardboard. Like a standard utility knife, the blade is retracted to a position where it poses no knife safety risk. Therefore the user has to consciously push the blade forward in order to cut. This greatly reduces the risk of workplace accidents. The AutoSafe safety knife also retracts once it ‘feels’ that the blade lifts from the material being cut.

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